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The hacker who made the fry’s ‘electronics closing’ video has now removed it

Hacker News article Dries Gueye is one of the most celebrated video game designers of our time.

He worked on the iconic video game Journey and worked on several other games.

He also wrote the screenplay for the film The Fifth Element.

He is best known for the game F-Zero.

In a 2014 interview with Eurogamer, he revealed that he wanted to make a game that would not just be a fun arcade racer, but a real-time racing game.

In the interview, he said, “The game itself is just an arcade game.

I think that’s all it is.”

In a recent interview, Guey revealed that the idea was to make F-zero and other arcade racing games that could be played with your friends online.

“We were thinking about what is an arcade racer?

That’s not the kind of game we’re making.

It’s not like a car game.

It is a racing game,” Gueyy said.

“It’s about driving.

And it’s about what can you do when you get there?

And I wanted to have this really simple, very quick arcade racing game that we could play with friends.”

In the original version of the game, players raced on a track at night and were able to collect coins and other prizes that they could then use to buy fuel.

GueY said the idea for the arcade racing title came from the idea that people could race against each other in real time.

“There are some real racing games out there.

We are talking about a racing series,” he said.

The game itself was not actually a racing title, but it was the idea of how you could drive against your friends in real-world tracks.

“I have a friend, a guy named Sam, who has this idea that the best way to get better at racing is to just go racing all day long.

That’s what we came up with, and it’s really simple,” Guedy said.

Guedyy said that he initially wanted to put a “car game” title on the disc because he wanted it to be “like a racing sim.”

However, after trying out various game titles that had car simulators in them, he ultimately settled on the F-1 series of racing games.

The concept of F-series games had been around for years, with F-01 being the first of them released on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

“And this was the first F-3,” Guesy said of the title.

“This is the first one we did it for a real racing game.”

F-11 came out in 1983, and F-12 in 1985.

F-13 came out two years later.

F1 was released in 1992, F2 came out a year later, and the last F was released a year after F-14.

In terms of the hardware used in F- series racing games, Guesdy said that the original controller used in the F series games used an Atari 2600 controller.

The F series game titles were developed by Activision in 1997.

Activision had a very successful relationship with Atari, and a lot of the games that Activision released were very well received by Atari gamers.

“When I got the Atari 2600 and I played F-5 and F3, I loved it.

I loved them both,” Gueley said.

According to Gue, he was the one who originally came up in the early days of the F racing series with the idea to make the title available to Atari gamers as a downloadable title.

It was released on December 13, 2002.

“F-1 was my first game,” he recalled.

“So I think the Atari franchise started off very strongly with F1.”

F1 is a video game that was released for the Atari 3200 computer console in 2001.

It became a very popular game in the first few years of its existence, and has been downloaded by over a billion people worldwide.

According in the game’s official description, F1 uses a real arcade racing series to compete with the world’s best gamers.

In order to become the world champion, players must race against other players in real world tracks, and collect coins, upgrades and special items to win.

The series is also known for its highly detailed racing cars.

Players will be able to drive through a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions in order to reach their goal.

F 1 has had over two million downloads on Atari’s website, and is now the most downloaded game of all time.

F2 was released later that same year, and was more of a race game.

Players in F2 can drive in different cars, and they can also compete against other cars to earn special upgrades.

In F2, players can earn coins, and in order for the cars to perform well, they will need to earn as much points as possible.

“In F1, it was about driving in the open, but in F 2, it’s a real race track,” G