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Which of the world’s major manufacturers are producing the most iPhones and iPads?

Hacker News article A recent article published by the Japanese magazine Computer magazine claims to reveal some surprising facts about Apple’s new smartphone line.

The article claims that Apple is using three different manufacturing processes to make iPhones and that these are all different from one another.

The first process is known as “glass-on-glass manufacturing,” which is a process in which the entire iPhone is made from scratch.

The second process is the “glass manufacturing process” and the third is “hard glass.”

In the article, it also claims that these three manufacturing processes have been combined into one, called “Apple-branded glass,” which it says is manufactured at a new facility in Michigan.

Apple, of course, has previously been accused of using glass-on to produce iPhones and other gadgets, as well as of using its manufacturing facilities to produce its Apple TV set-top box.