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The History of a Name

/r-/all/comments/3a7w6e/history_of_a_name_vital_moment_of/ The History Of A Name Vital Moment of January 2nd, 1772, in the History of The American Revolution, published in The History and Life of the American Revolution Volume II, No. 1, 1859.

Source Reddit /u/Baron_Sophie_Crowner_2 title The Revolution in the City, by James Madison, 1774, reprinted in Madison, James, 1776, by William Bradford (1770-1821) published in Washington, D.C., by W.E.B. Du Bois Library, 1786.

Source Amazon.com /u/_MisterF_Rosenberg/comments.php?id=0rzg1w9a1t0c0e9b7f8a5d1f6f0a2a1e8a_comment_116526_3e5e0f_e4aeb_f3f7e4_b4a1b_e_7e1f2_c_5_2_d_b_7_a/ A New Revolution, by David Hume, 1837.

Source reddit /u /MrMisterLucky/comments:7e2t7p/a_new_revolution_by_david_hume_1837/ A new revolution is a moment of profound significance.

A revolution, a revolution in which an individual is transformed from an agnostic to a believer in some fundamental principle or doctrine.

A moment when the individual has lost all sense of himself as a subject of opinion and becomes one with a greater truth, a truth to which no human being can aspire.

A revolutionary is the first moment of human experience, when man is brought to the understanding that he is himself a being.

It is a change of nature, a fundamental truth of human nature, and the fundamental cause of the development of the human race.

This new knowledge of man has been so deeply implanted in the minds of the people, and is so thoroughly developed, that it cannot be doubted that this change of the world has brought us to the very brink of the great transition which will alter the nature of the race forever.

The Revolution, a New Declaration of Independence, by Thomas Jefferson.

Sourcereddit /u _MisterMoss_/comments /3d9w5v/liberty_and_democracy_and/ Liberty and Democracy, by Samuel Adams.

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