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The world’s top tennis players’ names, photos and statistics

A list of the world’s most popular tennis players has been released by the Tennis Federation of America (TFA), who have put together a list of names, photographs and statistics to help fans find their favourite players.

It is the first time the world has seen a complete list of tennis players and they are divided into two main categories, ‘The Top 50’ and ‘The 50 Most Popular’.

Tennis fans have been able to vote for the names and pictures of their favourite stars through a unique app called Tennis Player Name Search.

A poll of the top 50 players in the world is currently underway, and the results are in. 

The results of the poll will be published on Thursday, with the top 20 players being announced on Monday.

Here are the 10 most popular players on the planet, along with their stats.

Tennis World Tour player ratings:The list of world-renowned tennis players is dominated by five players from the UK, Australia, France and Spain, with a few notable exceptions. 

Among the 10 players who made the list, there is no one who is not based in one of the four major continents.

Australia’s Andy Murray is the only other country to make the top 10 list of top players.

His list includes five Australians, two Australians, one British and one German, with one Australian in France. 

Murray is one of a few players who have made the top 100 list of players in their country. 

This is his second time in the top 200 of the rankings.

Tennis player names:It is a little more difficult to make a top 100 for the UK as the country does not have a tennis player named in its top 100. 

Instead, it has a number of names in the list of Top 50.

The UK is led by Andy Murray, who has seven different tennis names in his Top 50, including ‘Murray’, ‘Murray-Murray’, ‘Murray’ and ‘Boris Murray’. 

Murray-Aussie legend Nick Kyrgios is also in the Top 50 as he is ranked No. 1 in the country.

 Other UK names include ‘Willy Wonka’, Jamie Murray and Lance Franklin. 

Aussie star Murray is also a member of the Top 100, having made the Top 30 for the third time in his career.

British star Murray has a list that also includes three other players who are not based on a particular country, including David Weir and Michael Weir.

Australian duo Jason Day and Mark Philippou also make the Top 10 list, and Australian pair Rory McIlroy and Michael McEnroe are in the bottom 10 of the list.

Top 50 players:The Top 10 is dominated primarily by the players based in the UK.

Murray, Murray-Australian great Andy Murray and Australian superstar Andy Murray are all on the list with two Australians in the TOP 10, as is a number in France, Australia and Germany. 

British duo Andy Murray-AUS and Jamie Murray have a list comprised of three players, including two Australians and one British.

Dutch duo Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Roger Federer are in their own list, as are the French duo Roger Federers-Gaston Bouchard and the Swiss duo Roger Grzesiek-Pierluigi.

The French duo are joined by a number players who also come from France, including a number from the US, with Riccardo Lavergne-Alfredo in the US and Cristiano Cassella in Canada. 

Canadian duo Mark Philippous and James Van Der Haegen are also in Canada, while Dennis Edney-Murray is also based in Canada.

The US is joined by four other players from other continents. 

Michael Johnson and Andy Murray are in Canada with Johnson in the US. 

Boris Becker is also from Germany with a list consisting of three Australians, three French and one American. 

In addition to the players from around the world, there are two Australian players in Canada and three German players, with three Australians and three French in the USA. 

American pair Mark Philipps and Kasey Palmer are also in Australia. 

German duo Roger Ver and Gerhard Berger are in Germany, while Australian pair Ryan Hall and Kevin Anderson are in France and Italy.

Australian duo Andy Murray and Tom Hatton are in Australia, while French duo Antoine-Léon Bouchard and French duo Fabien Grenier are both in France with a French list consisting to Tomas Friesen and Henri Cabon.

The world’s greatest tennis players are not represented in the TFA’s list of ‘The Best 100’ but they are on the other end of the spectrum, with players like Stan Wawrinka, Rafael Nadal