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Why is this thing so hot?

On April 5, 2015, an electric-blue laser in an industrial oven produced a heat wave in a small part of Australia that lasted for an hour.

The heat was intense enough to melt a layer of insulation.

That’s the first time the heat wave has been recorded in Australia.

It was a perfect storm.

It started with a small storm on the West Coast of Australia, which quickly moved north to the rest of the country.

It got even worse on the weekend, when a very strong and sustained tropical wave brought more than 100mm of rain to Victoria.

That rain followed a very cold winter, which also brought a lot of rain.

But it was only the start of a big, nasty winter storm that’s still hitting Australia.

We now know that the storm’s energy source was a laser beam.

In the past few days, scientists have been studying the phenomenon of the heat waves and superstorms.

A team of Australian scientists led by James Ritchie at the University of Queensland used a computer model to try to understand how the wave’s energy came from.

It turns out that the laser beam was generated from a chemical reaction called photolysis.

Photo: James Rui/University of Queensland