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How to set up electronic medical records in the cloud

Posted October 08, 2018 08:00:00A recent article from the New York Times detailed how cloud computing, the practice of storing data on a server and allowing it to be accessed by multiple computers simultaneously, is increasingly commonplace.

With the advent of the Internet of Things, it’s not just the medical field that’s using cloud computing.

The entire world is, and the trend is growing.

In fact, more than 2 billion people are currently connected to the cloud.

Here’s how to setup an electronic medical record (EMR) on your own personal computer using the OpenOffice.org software suite, which is currently supported by more than 100 million users.1.

OpenOffice for Windows and MacOS2.

Openoffice for Linux3.

Microsoft Office for Windows or MacOS4.

Microsoft Word for Windows, Mac, or Linux5.

Google Chrome for Windows 6.

Google Drive for Windows 7.

Google Docs for Windows 8.

Dropbox for Windows 9.

Google Sheets for Windows 10.

Google Spreadsheets for Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams for Windows 12.

Microsoft Excel for Windows 13.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows 14.

Outlook for Mac 15.

Outlook Mail for Windows 16.

Microsoft OneDrive for Windows 17.

Microsoft Skype for Windows 18.

Skype for Android 19.

Facebook Messenger for Android 20.

Twitter for Android 21.

LinkedIn for Android 22.

Google Groups for Android 23.

Instagram for Android 24.

Spotify for Android 25.

YouTube for Android 26.

Vimeo for Android 27.

Vevo for Android 28.

Twitch for Android 29.

Youtube for Android 30.

SoundCloud for Android 31.

YouTube Red for Android 32.

Spotify Music for Android 33.

TuneIn Radio for Android 34.

Pandora for Android 35.

Stitcher for Android 36.

iHeartRadio for Android 37.

Spotify Smart Player for Android 38.

YouTube Play Music for Windows 39.

Google Play Movies for Windows 40.

YouTube Music for iOS 41.

YouTube TV for iOS 42.

Hulu Plus for iOS 43.

Hulu TV for Android 44.

Google TV for Windows 45.

Amazon Video for Windows 46.

Vudu for Windows 47.

VOD for Windows 48.

VCRs for Mac 49.

Amazon Fire TV for Mac 50.

Amazon Kindle Fire for Mac 51.

Apple TV for Macintosh 52.

Roku for Android 53.

Apple Pencil for iPad 54.

iPad Mini for iPad 55.

iPad Air for iPad 56.

iPad mini 2 for iPad 57.

Apple Watch Series 4 for iPhone 58.

Apple iPhone SE for iPhone 59.

iPad Pro for iPad 60.

iPad Classic for iPad 61.

iPad 4th Gen for iPad 62.

iPad 2 and iPhone 5s for iPad 63.

iPad 3rd Gen for iPhone 64.

iPad and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for iPhone 65.

iPad (4th Gen) and iPhone 7 for iPhone 66.

iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Air 2 for iPhone 67.

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 and iPad Mini 2 for Apple TV 68.

iPhone 6 and iPhone SE and iPad mini 1 for Apple Watch 69.

iPhone SE Plus for iPad 70.

iPad 6 Plus and Apple Watch Pro for Apple television 71.

iPad SE for iPad and Apple TV 72.

iPad 5 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus for Apple tvOS 73.

iPad X and iPhone 9 for iPhone and iPad 72.

Apple iPad Mini and iPhone X for AppletvOS 74.

Apple tv Series for Apple iPhone and Apple tv 88.

iPhone X and Apple iPad Pro and Apple televisions 91.

iPad Max and Apple MacBook Pro for iPhone 92.

iPad with Retina display for Apple MacBook Air 93.

iPhone 4 and Apple iPod touch for iPhone 95.

Apple iPod nano and Apple Mac Mini for Mac 97.

Apple MacBook and iPad Pro with Retinas 98.

Apple Macbook and iPad with iPad Mini 99.

Apple Power Mac G4 and Apple Macintosh G4s for Apple computers 100.

iPad, iPod nano, and Mac Mini with Retinodes