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Why is the solar eclipse the most powerful solar eclipse in history?

Solar eclipses are among the most spectacular events in the solar system and the result of intense gravitational pull from the Sun.

These rare events happen every 15 to 20 years.

The most recent solar eclipse happened on August 8, 2024.

This eclipse was captured by satellites in orbit.

The total eclipse of the Sun was observed from northern latitudes, with the south and west facing toward the Sun at the time.

The Moon is also seen from these latitudes.

In the western hemisphere, the eclipse was witnessed from southern latitudes and the south was seen from the west.

In the southern hemisphere, there was no eclipse.

In this diagram, the solar and lunar eclipses can be seen at different distances from the Earth and are both at the same time.

A total eclipse is the longest continuous period of uninterrupted light visible in the sky.

The solar and moon eclipses were seen in the morning and dusk respectively.source The Hindu article The eclipse of 2024 was not the first of its kind.

The eclipse on February 6, 1930 caused global cooling.

That event also saw the disappearance of much of the Earth’s magnetic field and the death of more than 100 million birds and mammals.

The solar eclipse was not witnessed in northern latitude, but south-west of it occurred, at the exact same time as the 1930 eclipse.

However, the southern latitude saw the most eclipse since the last total eclipse in the 1950s.

This occurred on February 14, 2024, which is the second longest total eclipse since solar eclipses began in 1979.